New release XoPhoto-9.xo

New release XoPhoto-9 November 26

This release allows the new user to chose to install practice images or not, fixes a number of bugs, and is tested to work on Build 852 on both the XO1.0 and XO1.5, and on build 650.

Hi everyone, (Hello World),

As of September 6, I have 5 XO’s engaged in testing XoPhoto, each initialized with a different build: (Builds 650, 767, 802, 852 for the 1.0, and 852 for XO1.5).  There have been many problems to work out, but the solutions came pretty quickly, since program logic, and features, haven’t been at issue.

Shooting for the upload and release in the next few days. I’d like to change the images that are automatically loaded into the Journal to be educational in the use of XoPhoto.

Update as of September 25: I’ve been struggling with creeping feature disease — or maybe it’s just realization of inadequate design.  A number of issues have been addressed:

  • A new database structure can be included in  a later release of XoPhoto, and the data from earlier versions of the sqlite XoPhoto database  in a student’s journal will be transferred to the new structure.
  • Titles and comments entered by the student will be copied to USB sticks, SD cards, and file folders, in a xml format which can be reloaded into XoPhoto when the pictures are reloaded into XoPhoto.
  • Titles and Comments are displayed during the Slideshow presentation if the user selects the fullscreen icon.
  • User selection of the slideshow repeat delay.

About George Hunt

Retired electrical engineer and programmer, enthusiastic about OLPC as a vehicle for gathering together volunteerism, mine and so many others', for helping education in developing countries.
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